Explaining In Tears, An Influencer Lost Her Followers After Her Instagram Deleted

Explaining In Tears, An Influencer Lost Her Followers After Her Instagram Deleted

unishared.com – Well, with the rapid growth of the internet, now everyone finds it so easy to make some money. Even by just posting a photo in your Instagram account! But of course, you need to have more followers to attract an advertiser. As you gain more visitors, that means the chance of making more money is possible as there will be more advertiser see it as a chance to gain the leads.

In this case, an influencer should work hard to maintain their loyal fans like the contents. Even, an influencer should behave well so he/she will not get reported by the audience. Yes, “the internet is dark and full of terrors”. He/she should be careful for not posting something offensive so they will not lose the money.

Talking about an influencer, Jessy Taylor who had 113,000 followers recently got her Instagram account deleted. In tears, the girls showed in Youtube video to stop reporting her account. She explained she had contacted everyone so she could get it back, but it didn’t work out.

Wiping her tears, Jessy Taylor told that she is nothing without her followers. However, there is no clear reason why people did this. She also explained to be a F*king a better person, telling people who did this to think twice because this ruined her life.

Jessy sounded so mad to tell people who reported her just tried to drag her down and wanted to see her with a 9-5 job. She also emphasized this is not her lifestyle.

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In an emotional way, she continued that she worked so hard to get on her level right and taking it from her is the worse feeling ever.

In the end, she explained that she used to be a prostitute and then she was finally able to stop after she could earn money online. Then she encourages everyone to see in her perspective rather than trying to discourage her to be a successful online influencer.

Later, the influencer made a new Instagram account which already gains 375 followers and hopefully, she could gain more followers or maybe she could find a way to get her Instagram account restored.

No matter what she did in the past or maybe some people hate to see her, that’s awful to take something she has worked hard for it. Like her or not, we just leave it there or unfollow her, not to destroy it.