Did Maisie Williams Accidentally Spoil The Game Of Thrones

Did Maisie Williams Accidentally Spoil The Game Of Thrones?

unishared.com – Well, the end is coming. The biggest show will be released on 14 April 2019 that everyone is freaking out to get spoilers from the internet.

During season 7, Game of Thrones was hacked and aired illegally. But that didn’t make the show rating decrease. Instead, it got the highest rating of all time.

Well, last 1st April Maisie William was a special guess in Tonight Show. As usual, the girl with gold hair color talked about Arya’s journey from the first season. Arya Stark is one of the most favorite characters due to her bravery and stubbornness, yet she has a good heart and always wants her family back. But yeah, George RR Martin is not a writer that will make a happy ending story. He always kills a good character and creates an unpredictable plot throughout the story.

During the show, Arya looked to enjoy the conversation with Jimmy until she accidentally told that Arya would die in episode 2. Everybody was silent and shocked. Arya looked regret and felt sorry for her mistakes. On the other hands, Jimmy tried to calm down Maisie who was trying not to believe what she said before. Everybody was awkward until She tried to calm down her panic at the backstage.

Luckily, Jimmy picked her from the back of the black drapery and Maisie went out of to the stage telling it was April Fools!

Yeah, Maisie’s acting was on point that everybody in the show thought it was real. Even she told Jimmy to edit the record later and ask if the show was not live. She might die if the show was live at that time.

Everybody was cheering knowing that Maisie just fooled the people. But of course, this stills a big question. If Maisie didn’t mean Arya will die in season 2, this could be she might be the last women standing in the game.

Previously, Maisie Williams posted on her Instagram account after the film of Game of Thrones finished with hashtag #lastwomenstanding. Could it mean Arya Stark will be the only one stark that survive and rule Winterfell or the seven kingdoms? This could be.

Probably Arya will be successful too to kill Cersei in the last season which she put this queen of Lannister clan on her list. Arya has a strong desire to kill all people who massacred her family and ruined the Winterfell. She was trained by the Many Faces God and now become the No One. She appears to be a cold-hearted person and gives creepy narration to everyone, including Sansa.

But then, Arya killed Litle Finger after Sansa and Bran revealed his lies that caused the chaos.